Testing Equipment

CSMI employs several unique tools and measurement devices in the analysis and inspection of buildings and construction components. CSMI staff has several certifications for the proficient use of these inspection tools. All of the inspection equipment is certified, maintained, and calibrated for precise measurement taking. These tools are utilized in all aspects of CSMI work including investigation of construction defect cases, personal injury cases, project management, insurance cases, and claims analysis. CSMI constantly monitors industry standards related to inspection equipment to stay up to date on the best methods to analyze buildings and components.

Tools employed for analysis

  • Light meter
  • Moisture meter
  • Infrared camera
  • Sound measuring equipment
  • Rebar locater
  • Pipe and electric wire locating equipment
  • Pipe scoping (Drain pipe – plumbing, footing drains, other drains)
  • Coating thickness meter
  • Tribometer (Slip resistance – floor surfaces)
  • Camera Borescope
  • Zip level – Floor and ceiling elevation, floor flatness evaluation
  • Nail pull meter – nail pull out strength
  • Staple pull meter – staple pull out strength
  • CaCl testing apparatus for moisture transmission through concrete
  • Force meter