Personal Injury

CSMI has evaluated construction personal injury claims and presented opinions based on the application of construction procedures and safety standards. We have worked for both plaintiff and defendant analyzing accidents and investigating facts behind serious construction-related injury and death.
We are familiar with OSHA, MSHA and ASTM, State requirements and ANSI Standards as they apply to safe work sites and employer/employee responsibility for compliance. Our field and management experience in the construction industry gives us the background required to evaluate the fundamental causes of a construction accident. We are able to formulate and confirm the theory of an accident and evaluate the events which led to the mishap.

Representative Cases

  • Electricians placing conduit from a manlift were injured when a wheel of the manlift fell into a hole in the concrete slab
  • An ironworker fell from a structural steel building when he stepped on an unsecured timber support
  • A laborer slipped on some drywall mud and fell down a stairway
  • A tree-trimmer was electrocuted when a branch of the tree he was trimming fell into some high-voltage lines
  • A carpenter was injured when a reference string snapped and hit him in the eye
  • A concrete pump driver was electrocuted when the boom of his truck touched high voltage lines
  • A newlywed couple was severely burned when the elevator on which they were riding returned to the lobby which was on fire
  • A child was severely scalded when the built-in stove, on which a pan of boiling water was sitting, came loose and fell over
  • A homeowner fell to her death through a floor opening to the concrete floor below