Claims Management

CSMI has prepared and defended over $500 million in construction claims for our clients since 1984. We have acquired our extensive knowledge of claims management by working with construction attorneys and other industry professionals throughout the Western U.S., British Columbia, and Alaska. Our continuing experience keeps us up to date with current legal theory in the claims development and defense, as well as in methods of analysis and proven claims techniques. We are experienced in government, commercial and private contracting procedures and construction practices. Our claims analysis methodology has been tested in the most difficult negotiation and litigation settings and has consistently been proven effective. To supplement our construction claim preparation and management, CSMI offers the client a variety of database management services, including computerized document summary, job cost record accounting and review, as-built/but-for schedules, and information graphics.

Types of Construction Claims

Claims Evaluation

  • Delay and disruption
  • Loss of labor, equipment, and material productivity
  • A/E professional liability
  • Suspension and termination
  • Differing site conditions
  • Changes and modifications in the work
  • Designs deficiencies
  • Subcontractor relationship
  • Patent and implied obligations of the contract
  • Inspection and quality control
  • Construction defects
  • Labor standard applications
  • Bid responsiveness and responsibility
  • Payment and performance
  • Debarment and suspension
  • Constructive change
  • Identify elements of claim
  • Formation of proof
  • CPM schedule analysis and as-built/but-for allocation
  • Productivity studies
  • Cause/effect relationships between entitlement and cost
  • Document database management and litigation support analysis
  • Claim narrative and quantum evaluation and preparation
  • Bond Default
  • CM/GC
  • Standard practice in contracting and construction management
  • Workers compensation premium classification