Top 4 Forklift Hazards

Friday, May 30th, 2014

Part of site safety is knowing the dangers certain equipment carries. Here are the top four hazards of forklifts and how to keep from falling victim:

1. Overturning (22%)

In order to prevent overturning, drivers need to know that they must follow speed limits, especially when turning corners. The load must remain balanced and never lift more than the intended limit.

2) Striking a worker on foot (20%)

Workers on foot must stay clear of the machinery and never use lanes designated for industrial lift traffic. Drivers, too, should leave plenty of stopping distance and sound the horn before taking turns or crossing walkways.

3. Crushing injuries (16%)

If loads are not centered or containers are damaged, they are not safe to lift until they are bandaged or repaired. Workers must never walk or work beneath raised forks.

4. Falls from a forklift (9%)

Workers should never stand on the forks or ride them to reach a higher level unless the lift is specifically designed for it. Also, drivers must wear their seatbelts at all times to prevent falls from the cabin. If they are losing control, drivers should never jump from the cab, as this could result in being crushed by the lift.

via Supervisor’s Safety Bulletin