About Us


Ethics are very important to CSMI. CSMI subscribes to the ethical standards of the engineering community in combination with the confidentiality standards of the legal profession. CSMI prides itself in providing honest and impartial services for its clients. We issue our opinions in a truthful and objective manner. We have built our professional reputation on the merits of our services. We hold in very strict confidence the information provided by our clients; only the client’s authorization or requirement by law would compel CSMI to disclose information. CSMI endeavors to be an example of dignity, honor, and integrity in the construction industry.

Graystone 3-24-08 005SAFETY

CSMI puts safety first in its field work because of its experience with standard safety practices. CSMI has evaluated a variety of personal injury cases such as falls, equipment tip-overs, explosions, fires, trench collapses, and electrocutions. CSMI has experience in discussing the application of safety standards and codes in personal injury cases. During site investigations or intrusive investigations, CSMI promotes safety awareness by conducting safety planning meetings. All CSMI employees are equipped with the correct safety equipment when investigating or performing construction work.

Our company goal is to earn our client’s trust by providing responsive, quality service!