Lanlin Blocks

The following narrative depicts CSMI construction claim analysis. No names in this narrative are those of actual individuals, companies, organizations or corporations.


CSMI was retained by the owner of the Lanlin Blocks project. CSMI used its prior knowledge regarding this project when it was retained on behalf of the owner for schedule delay analysis claim.


Stridon Investment Properties, LLC (Stridon), the owner, entered into a contract with Lexel Construction, Inc. (Lexel) for core and shell construction of the Lanlin Blocks project that consisted of East and West Buildings. Stridon also entered into a contract with Kondwell Contracting, LLC (Kondwell) for tenant improvements construction on the same project. Kondwell’s scope of work, among other tenant improvement work, included the counter demising wall project located at the East Building. Kondwell entered into a subcontract with Merger Drywall, Inc. (Merger) under which Merger was to perform certain portions of the demising wall project. Plaintiff Carl Pilsen was employed by Merger as a carpenter and was assigned to the demising wall project.


On June 10, 2009 Pilsen was working with another employee of Merger on a mobile scaffold and while the plaintiff’s co-worker was moving the scaffold, one of the wheels of the scaffold dropped into a hole in the floor causing the scaffolding to tip over and collapse, and causing the plaintiff to fall approximately sixteen to eighteen feet to the concrete floor, as a result of which plaintiff suffered severe and permanent personal injuries.


CSMI evaluated plaintiff’s claim and established that the Lanlin Blocks was a multi-employer worksite and applied OSHA Directive No. CPL 02-00-124. We analyzed history of the hole in question and covering of the hole in question to establish which employer was responsible for covering the hole. CSMI cited applicable Washington Administrative Codes for hole guarding and covering. CSMI evaluated plaintiff’s standard of care and negligence and owner’s involvement in the project. We evaluated scaffold in question and cited applicable WACs. CSMI analyzed contributing factors to the incident.

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