The Lundai Administrative Building

The following narrative depicts CSMI construction claim analysis. No names in this narrative are those of actual companies, organizations or corporations.


The Lundai Tribe retained CSMI to conduct an analysis of the Striverson’s (general contractor) claim that arose from the construction of the Lundai Tribal Administration Building. Lundai Tribe entered into three contracts with Striverson: civil contract, structural steel contract, and vertical contract. Total contracted value: $27 million.


CSMI scope of services included schedule delay analysis to determine causation of project delays, responsible parties for delays, and to itemize duration of delays. CSMI analyzed complex segments of the project for delays, including submittals / shop drawings and materials procurement, fabrication, and installation of the design-build curtain wall system, custom designed peeled logs, and a complex fire safety system. We evaluated delays for compensable and non-compensable delays. CSMI calculated liquidated damages based on our calculation of compensable delays. We presented our findings and provided recommendations to the Lundai Tribe.


Our schedule delay analysis was used by the Lundai Tribe to evaluate strength of the claim as well as Lundai’s potential claim for liquidated damages under the contract with Striverson.

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