Building and Fire Code Changes Boost Recession Recovery


After the recession, Oregon began blending fire and building codes, offering new training approaches for building inspectors and greater flexibility to local building officials. In efforts to help the state recover from the recession, the cycle for adopting national code is now every six years instead of every three years, with an interim code amendment process every three years.

The six year code cycle will reduce costs for building inspectors and increase predictability for builders. Code books will not need to be purchased as frequently, training hours will be reduced for building inspectors, and less modifications and revisions will be required during the building process. Furthermore, the three-year interim code amendment process will provide clarity surrounding provisions as well as safety and technology updates.

The update of the 2011 Residential Specialty Code (ORSC), effective October 1st, 2014, is considered a three-year interim code amendment. The 2017 ORSC update will be based on national model code with Oregon Amendments.

via Better Buildings Oregon


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